'Big Data' has become a somewhat overused and inaccurate term but there's no denying that the exponential proliferation of information (including raw data, social media, blogs, reports and continuous research feeds) will continue un-abated. This just increases the challenges clients face in finding the wood from the trees. There are many organisations involved in 'data' but there are few who can really turn data into business action and opportunities.

Here at Touchstone Partners, we see the role of data in the bigger picture for our clients. Our clients benefit from our ability to merge relevant data sources to address business objectives: these objectives may be as wide as "tell us what we know from the data we have, and where we have knowledge gaps" or as narrow as "tell us what we need to do to revitalise our launch strategy for this new product". Often our works includes blending data from mixed sources (for example, primary custom data can be used with clients' own data base derived data) to ensure that the full picture, carefully drawn, is provided.

We don't innovate or get over technical for its own sake: there are many traditional data analytics techniques still fit for purpose in this data driven age, whilst new technologies provide us with more powerful modelling and predictive capability than ever before.