Creating rigorous, meaningful and useful shopper, consumer and customer segments requires the right blend of art, science and commercial flair. Here at Touchstone, we have finely tuned our approach to segmentation to let you confidently identify the biggest and best targets for your investments. We'll also tell you how to communicate with them, and what style / tone of voice will be most productive.

Technically, our statistical segmentation iteratively models the optimum number of segments for your business objectives. Each segment derived has meaningful size, with discrete and real differentiating drivers that make sense. If it's an international segmentation we can deploy our proprietary method of adjusting for cultural differences and biases to ensure you are only seeing real differences between markets.

We work to make our segmentation deliverables visually appealing, and provide powerful portraits to help you understand who your current and potential consumers and customers really are, what they look like and how to communicate with them.

We are particularly focused on identifying the commercial opportunities that segments present, utilising our advanced data analytics and modelling capability.