We deliver success in retail for our clients. Having held senior positions in shopper, research and marketing on the client-side (Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Diageo, Nestle Rowntree and Boots), we understand your needs and concerns. We combine this experience with yours to develop category strategies and stories to help sell in opportunities such as basket building with your retail customers.

We can build your profile as thought leaders with your key strategic partners and have specific skills in understanding the Shopper Journey and Path to Purchase.

We are innovative and method-neutral, selecting the most appropriate methods for your situation, for example blending relevant qualitative & quantitative approaches with the latest shopper research technology such as virtual shopping with our 3D Interactive Shelf.

Our deliverables are tailored to your needs, with the emphasis on embedding insights and specific opportunities across your organisation, whether locally or globally, and ensuring retailers buy in to your recommendations, whether these deliver conversion or new customer opportunities.

Visualisation is key, so where it helps we make use of analytics, apps and data visualisation tools to provide interactive ‘what if’ simulations and dashboards that you can pick up and use.